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Community Action Angels

The Circle of Giving

You Cannot Give Happiness Away Without Getting It Back

Community Action invites you to join “The Circle of Giving” – Become an Angel Volunteer…Surround the area in which you live and work and fill it with hope for the future.

Call: Community Action’s Angel Volunteer Program 585-589-5605 (Orleans) or 585-343-7798 (Genesee)

Community Action Angels help increase Community Actions ability to help all people, including those whose incomes do not fall within the normal guidelines, with services. Almost everyone knows someone who is struggling to bring the necessities to their families and is unable to because of events in their lives that are beyond their control.

The spirit of generosity is the foundation for Community Action Angels. Anyone who truly needs our help will be helped to the best of our ability to ensure that families’ struggles decrease as much as possible.


  • Golf Tournament – The Annual Golf Tournament brings the community together to raise money that will help families in crisis situations
  • Children’s Carnival – Playful Angels gather around for games, food, and tons of fun. The purchase of twenty-five cent tickets will allow one to play games or fill their belly’s with tasty treats. The proceeds are to benefit the Community Action Angels program so that we can maintain our wings and fly strong guiding our community improvements.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – The Easter Bunny hides a number of eggs for families with children at a special site each year and has the Orleans Community Action Angels assist the Community in finding these eggs.
  • Food Drives – The Post Office local churches and schools and both Boy and Girl Scouts get involved with the Angels by having a food drive to support low-income families during troubled times.
  • ABATE Toy Run – ABATE is the American Bikers Aimed Towards Education and they come together to make a difference in people’s lives. Over 25 years of bringing toys and money are exactly what our community needs each year to lift our spirits and get excited about the upcoming holidays.
  • Red Kettle Kickoff – Community Action Angels along with other agencies team up to kickoff The Red Kettle Campaign season with food, music and fun. Volunteers come together to sign up at various locations in Orleans County to ring bells. Money collected stays in Orleans County to help those in need.

Crisis Services

  • Food – Our Community Action Angel Emergency program allows us to provide the necessary fresh food items needed for families who find themselves in crisis. It is our goal to give hope and help relieve stress of the many families experiencing hopelessness through no fault of their own.
  • Utilities – Our Angels rub their wings together and bring warmth to families in Orleans County during winter months. Along with making sure our future Angels in the community have running water and electric.
  • Housing Assistance – Our Angels can assist with payment of rent (when funds are available) to keep you warm in the those Western New York winters.
  • Emergency Lodging – No place to lay your wings at night? We will help make sure that your wings get rested and your head rests upon a pillow.
  • Clothing – The Main Street Store in Albion, NY will ensure that
    every low-income family will have the proper clothing needed at any time of the year.
  • Medicine – When funds are available our Angels can assist people in purchasing the medication they need to live happily and healthy.
  • Personal Care – Our Angels know how expensive it can be to take care of ourselves. We take donations of personal care items to help low-income families keep their personal care at its best.
  • Pet Food – Community Action Angels collect pet food and supplies for low income families and elderly. Distribution of food and supplies at no charge can really lift a person’s spirits to know that they don’t have to worry about the health of their pet when they are in a time of need because our Angels will be there for them.

Angel Events

  • Holiday Program – The Community Action Angels Holiday Program provides a wonderful hope filled holiday for families unable to celebrate in the traditional way because of financial or medical problems. Many area businesses, churches, school organizations and private individuals adopt a family in need for the holidays.
  • Garden Project – Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential in keeping our bodies healthy. Community Action Angels produced a garden to help keep low-income families healthy when times are tough.
  • Coat Giveaway – Each year many families go without the proper winter clothing needed in this area to stay healthy. Donations of gently used coats and jackets in late September are greatly appreciated by Community Action Angel volunteers.
  • Surplus – Our Angels receive a large surplus of food to feed low-income families. We distribute it to all our local towns in Orleans County. The amount of food a family receives is based on the number of family members and on their income.