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Parent Information – Looking for Childcare

When choosing a child care program, families should be selective in finding a setting that suits their family’s unique needs. Child Care Resource & Referral helps parents define their personal criteria for the ideal care setting for their child and identify potentially suitable programs. Contact CCR&R , so our Child Care Specialists can assist you with your family needs. This service is at no cost and all information obtained is confidential. CCR&R can help by:

  • Providing consumer education on a variety of options enabling parents to make the best child care choice.
  • Customized referrals from a continually updated database.
  • Developing more care options to meet traditional and non-traditional demands for child care in every community.
  • Direct link to child care subsidies which help eligible families pay for child care.
  • Assisting parents of children with special needs to find the best care in natural child care settings.
  • Counseling and resource materials that enable parents to raise healthy children and maintain positive child care relationships.

Guide to Choosing Quality Child Care

Choosing child care is an important decision. A safe and positive child care setting promotes healthy growth and development. It takes time, patience and understanding as to what to look for when selecting child care. You know the needs of your child and family. However, you may need assistance in matching those needs to available resources. That is why our Child Care Specialist at CCR&R can assist you in making this important decision.

Step 1: Contact CCR&R for Referrals
CCR&R maintains a listing of child care providers within Genesee and Orleans Counties. CCR&R provides parents with a list of child care providers at no cost. By entering the parent’s criteria into our database we can search for matching child care services. Along with referrals, consultations are given to assist parents who need child care in a neighboring county, by providing the contact information of the CCR&R in their county. All information is maintained with strict confidentiality. Educational materials will be sent to the parent. CCR&R does not make recommendations. We also do not guarantee the quality of any program listed in our referral database. It is important that parents complete the steps in this guide to choosing a quality child care program that meet their needs.

Step 2: Call Child Care Givers
Though CCR&R makes every attempt to update the vacancy information on every provider. We complete the update on an as needed basis. We also do comprehensive updates yearly.  Parents should call care givers to find out if they have openings for their child. You should also ask what days and hours they are open, what ages they serve, if they provide transportation, their location and the cost of care (some offer financial assistance, so be sure to ask). Also, ask what the parent should bring, for example, a pack-n-play, hi-chair, etc. Be sure to ask if they have a waiting list for the ages of the child (ren) you need care for and if there is an application fee. Schedule a time to visit.

Step 3: Visit and Evaluate
Visit at least 2 or 3 caregivers in person before you decide where to place your child(ren). Try to visit while day care children are there so you can see how the care giver interacts with them. Spend at least one hour in the room or rooms where your child would be and spend time talking with the owner, director and teacher (s). Ask the caregivers about their background, education and how long they have been caring for children. If you are visiting a center ask about turnover of staff. Look for the quality indicators in the link below as you evaluate each program, place a check next to each quality indicator that the program demonstrates. If a program does not meet all of the indicators in this guide, it does not mean that they are of low quality. This is just a guide and you should go with your own instincts and choose a day care that best meets your family’s needs. Before you decide on a facility, be sure to check their licensing records on the Office of Children and Families (OCFS) website. You want to check if they have any current violations.

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